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Pocket parks coming to Surry Hills

July 9, 2018 11:24 amby

Pocket parks coming to Surry Hills – News from ALTRAC Light Rail

A key environmental aim in designing and building the CBD and South East Light Rail project is to retain as many trees as possible. Each tree is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Every effort is made to minimise the number of trees that are removed for this project.

Where the loss of trees is unavoidable, the ALTRAC Light Rail team will plant two new trees for every small tree removed; four for every medium tree; and eight replacement trees for every large tree removed. At the end of the project around 1,800 new trees will be planted in consultation with Randwick and City of Sydney Councils, including around 900 new trees that will be planted along the alignment. The remaining offset trees will be planted across the LGAs in consultation with Councils.  At the time they are planted the trees will already be 3-4 metres tall.

Some unique features of the project are the pocket parks that will characterise the Surry Hills section of the alignment.

Located along the Devonshire St intersections of Buckingham St, Holt St, Waterloo St and High Holborn St, the pocket parks will create new green public spaces for people to enjoy. The pocket parks will include trees, garden beds as well as street furniture.

These locations are ideal as they are the end of streets that are closed to traffic. The pockets parks are a key feature of the project’s revegetation program and will contribute to the distinct character of Surry Hills.

The construction of pocket parks will start towards the end of the year.

ALTRAC Light Rail is a proud supporter of Surry Hills Festival.


Meet the artisans behind SHM favorite pottery stall!

April 3, 2018 3:18 pmby

Meet the artisans behind Surry Hills Market favorite fired handcrafts – Em Pottery by Emi Mutch (and baby Maih), and Ichijoy Handmade Ceramics by Keiichi Aikawa and Richard Kaye-Smith.

Instagram: @empottery and @ichi_joy

What do you like most about Surry Hills Markets?

Emi: I love how it’s local – it’s really close to me – and I like the atmosphere. People are really nice here. I love how there’s kids’ play area and lots of families – the atmosphere is really nice.

Keiichi: Everyone is friendly, down to earth. I love the culture and there is a nice collection here; I get books and cds, it’s a nice collection.

Emi: Some months we have a “no leaving the stall” rule or we buy everything – if you don’t see anything, you can’t buy anything.

When did you start doing Surry Hills Markets?

E: Maybe three or four years ago. I started in winter and I remember it was so cold and dark when we got here at 6:45am.

You left for a little while to have Miah?

E: I was actually here till I was 30 something weeks – she was born in August and I did the August markets a few weeks before. A lot of my friends told me not to do that, but I did it anyway and it was fun.

And when did the guys join?

E: In September last year. We met in ceramics class.

Richard: We study together with a Japanese teacher once a week in Artarmon, Emi Tanaka – she’s a professional artisan who’s been doing this 20 years, and, of course, teaches in the Japanese style.

And how did you two meet? (Keiichi and Richard)

R: We’ve been together for 28 years. We met in Tokyo – I was living there, starting as one of the first Australians to be awarded a working holiday visa. We met at a gay bar, but I had to take him on three dates before he kissed me, he’s very conservative.

It must have been hard in Japan for a queer couple then?

R: You had to be careful – if his company found out, he’d lose his job. But the same was true in Australia. You just surrounded yourself with a group of friends and you protected each other.

Are you doing anything for Mardi Gras tonight?

K: I’m working at a Japanese restaurant

R: We’re not young anymore. We’ve lived in Surry Hills since we came to Australia 17 years ago, so we’ve seen our share.

What do you like most about creating these art pieces?

K: I’m studying the wheel, but I prefer painting – painting the plates or making Japanese style.

R: It’s just so much fun, satisfying, a stress release. If it were possible, I’d retire today and just do this.

What got you started in pottery?

R: We’re both artistically educated – design and painting.

K: Before we both loved painting and wanting something more, to try something new. It’s so nice – when you touch the clay – it’s so calming.

R: Keiichi’s been doing it for 3 years, I’ve been doing it almost two. I like the surprise of it – with handmade ceramics, once it goes in the kiln – it’s fingers crossed! – anything could happen. So everything is a one off piece.

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for interviewing Emi, Keiichi and Richard and taking their photos.

Hand knitted blankets for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

March 27, 2018 11:06 amby

Once again we are so proud to showcase the amazing work that our Sewing and Knitting group does. Over the last few months Cathy, Jan, Carol and the rest of the group have been knitting the dozens and dozens of colorful squares that were then weaved together into blankets and donated to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, who work tirelessly to care for Australians with cancer, their carers and families. Wonderful work! 💝

The Sewing and Knitting group meets weekly on Thursdays and everybody is welcome to join. You can work on your own projects and learn new skills, or join in a community project. In the past few years the group worked on knitting beanies and scarves for Canteens, weaving stars for One Million Stars to End Violence , and raising money for Ronald McDonald House in Randwick.

Meet Beryl – stall holder for the last 23 years and hat maker for the Queen!

February 21, 2018 1:52 pmby

Meet Beryl – stall holder at Surry Hills Markets for the last 23 years, hat maker for the queen and resident expert on objects so old their use has been forgotten for generations. 


I started life as a milliner. I did my apprentice ship with Normon Hartnell in the 50’s – you probably don’t know who that is but he was the royal dress maker, by appointment to the royal family, so I was sometime working on hats for Queen Elizabeth. That background is why I usually have some hats.

What can we find at your stall?

I love old things. I do have a few new things, quirky things, but I prefer antiques and brick-a-brac. Things with history. And I like to bring some plants as well.

How do you find these treasures?

Car boot sales, garage sales, street sales – places like that. Even other stall holders.

What attracts you to an object? How do you choose them?

It’s got to be the character of the thing. I prefer old; that lamp is over 100 years old, so I love it. Basically I like old things, like me.

Your objects always seem to have a story. People come intrigued by the mysterious objects you’ve found – things forgotten for generations – it’s such an education to hear you tell them its use and origin.

I do try to find out something’s story before I buy it. But sometimes it’s just a thing in a box somewhere and I need to do research – which always leads to interesting histories. This green tea pot is a Brown Betty – and that’s known as one of the best tea pots in the world. It’s made in England, and something to do with the way the clay is made means it retains its heat better than any other tea pot. So I love it because of that. Because it’s got an intriguing past, and is such good quality. Some items I know the history of because they used to be mine, or like that Japanese tea set – that was in Jerry’s (her partner’s) family for around 70 years.

What do you love about Surry Hills Markets?

The people, really. You become friends with the other stall holders – some have been coming her for 20 years. You meet some very interesting people who become old friends.  And it’s a good crowd, it’s always good to have different people coming through, from all over the world.

It’s just got a good vibe, hasn’t it? It’s a really lovely market.

Next Surry Hills Market is Saturday March 3 – drop by and meet Beryl and many other amazing stall holders!

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for interviewing beautiful Beryl and taking her photo.

Meet Addison and Gavin from Crown Street Vintage!

December 18, 2017 11:59 amby

Meet Addison and Gavin from Crown Street Vintage, one of Surry Hills Markets oldest running stalls.


Tell us a bit about how Crown St Vintage began…

Addison: I began it in 1999, then I met Gavin 8 years ago –

Gavin: 2010, I think. Addison’s been doing this for 15 years, he did fashion design as well.

A: I love fashion, I love clothes. But fashion design wasn’t for me.

G: We became partners and then a few years later I join him in this business.

How did you two meet?

A: We met here (at Surry Hills Markets).

G: I met Addison in 2012 as a customer.

A: You bought a jacket.

G: I bought a 1980’s bomber jacket that was too small for me. It was really just an excuse to talk to Addison. I was with my friend, she bought a pair of boots. We both were interested in him and not sure which way he was batting.

A: Then we joined forces.

G: We joined forces and I went on to do fashion design as well.

He wooed you away from the corporate world into vintage fashion?

G: Yeah, he did – and the desire to have something that was ours together. There are sacrifices, but it’s worth it to not be sitting behind a desk every day.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

G: We have a love affair with bright and bold vintage patterns. We love our forgotten Australian designers from the 1960’s-80’s – Jenny Key, Prue Acton, etc – and forgotten Aussie labels like Walter Christensen. We are drawn to colourful prints and patterns that are still very wearable in a contemporary setting. It’s what we look for the most.

A: Colour and pattern.

How do you find your pieces?

A: Without giving too much away…

G: A lot of it finds us. Everything we source is hand picked.

A: I’m sitting on a huge stockpile after being a hoarder for so many years.

G: It comes to us on our travels, through private sales or at other markets. We try to find quality Australian vintage, made here in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. And we can’t pass up a good designer label.

We also have an etsy store full of the more high end designer labels. It’s a different market online, people want different things.

Do you have a favorite find?

G: Absolutely. That Ozzie Clark Jumpsuit –

A: I found it in a dress up box for $1. Ozzie Clark is a designer from the 70’s.

G: It’s what lots of celebrities are wearing on the red carpet at the moment – vintage Ozzie Clark.

A: It’s worth about $1000 now.


Next Surry Hills Market is Saturday January 6 – drop by and meet Addison and Gavin and many other amazing stallholders!


SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for doing the interview with Addison and Gavin and taking their photo.

Meet the Cooks – Market stallholders since 1983!

November 27, 2017 11:54 amby

Meet the Cooks – the family that has been running a market stall at Surry Hills Markets since 1983.

Jemima and Alice talk to us about what makes one of our longest running stalls such a happy place to visit.

How did this stall begin?

Jemima: Cleaning out the house. It just developed from there…

Alice: And because we’re a family of hoarders and collectors – it keeps going.

You sell an amazing collection of antiques and vintage clothing – how do you find things?

A: Garage sales, definitely garage sales. The ones that are in small towns – not the city garage sales.

Can you remember a special find, something you couldn’t believe was in someone junk pile?

A: For me it’s more often when we’re unpacking to set up the stall for the markets and I’ll see something I haven’t seen for ages and fall in love and have to keep it.

Is it mostly your personal taste determining what you’ll collect?

A: Pretty much. The whole family has an eye for vintage over new things – we grew up in op shops and second hand stores so everyone has great taste for unusual and interesting things.

What’s the best part of this being such a family business?

J: I get to hang out with my children every month.

A: I get to hang out with mum.

J: It’s very social for us.

A: We have lots of family friends who love to come visit us while we’re here.

J: Because we live out of town we don’t see people that often, so this becomes the chance to catch up. And then there is the market family, friends who come back every month. Some people we see here have become lifelong friends. It’s really been a key part of our family for many years.

Is that the best part of being involved in Surry Hills Markets?

J: Definitely. It’s the connection, that special family connection.

Is the honey you sell part of that?

J: The honey has been a really important part – it supplies Surry Hills, all these friends with honey. We had our first honey stall at Surry Hills Markets in 1983.

A: Selling honey and vintage things –

J: – and marmalade made with the honey, that was a huge thing.

A: Dad is the bee keeper and collects the honey, mum makes the marmalade, and I take the wax and make the candles.

J: It’s a real family thing.

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for doing the interview with the lovely Cooks family and taking their photo.

Meet Surry Hills Market stallholders!

October 27, 2017 2:15 pmby

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre is grateful to Alli Sebastian Wolf for doing the interview with Tony Chaplin from Big Lapel Vintage and taking the photos of him and his delightful dog Bradley!  

Surry Hills Markets have been an integral part of the Surry Hills community from 1981. Every month we open the opportunity to have a stall at our market to new merchants and one-off applicants, and also have a long-standing group of regular stallholders who have been an important part of the Markets for many-many years.

Meet one of our regulars – Tony Chaplin from the Big Lapel Vintage!

How did you get started?

I was always into vintage fashion and collecting vintage clothes – it started out with me collecting way too many of my own clothes so I needed to sell some. Surry Hills being the epicentre of vintage fashion, I decided to do a stall here. What started as a way to sell my excess wardrobe became a thriving business. Vintage has always been popular and Surry Hills is such a reliable market for that. Because your pieces are so unique you can spot it when people come back to the market in the next months wearing something you sold them and that’s so satisfying. You get a lot of return customers. With all vintage stalls every piece is unique, people love that variety.

Do you have a most exciting find?

I can still go right to the day I found it – in an op-shop warehouse in the western suburbs, just sitting on a couch was a Float-A-Bar; a perspex dome you could have floating in your pool with compartments for different snacks and drinks. And a big gold label saying Float-A-Bar on the side. It was such a great item, it got so much attention. Whenever I see something like that I always pick it up, it was such a great piece.

What is the most interesting part of your day at Surry Hills Markets?

I love the interaction with the locals and the people who come to the market – it’s not just about selling, it’s about those interactions, it’s a lovely day out.

A big part of that must be your fabulous dog Bradley – 

He’s the mascot, the ambassador for Big Lapel Vintage; so many people come back to see him. He loves the attention, loves the pats and interacting with the other dogs.

 Does the environmental impact of fast fashion play a role in your passion for vintage?

Throughout my life I may have bought less new items than i could count on my fingers. I always buy second hand. And them when I’m done with them I sell it or donate it – it’s all about recycling. I get a lot of joy out of seeing people buy a piece they love, that looks great on them.

Meet Tony & Bradley and other wonderful stallholders at Surry Hills Market every first Saturday of the month!

Surry Hills Festival launches DOUBLE TAKE

October 3, 2017 10:58 amby

Creative Arts Program runs daily until Sunday 15 October!

Welcoming an unexpected slice of summer in spring, this year’s Surry Hills Festival  warmly embraced an estimated crowd of 50,000 people last weekend, raising vital funds for the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre to continue to provide essential community programs.  Double Take, a bold new Arts program was launched on festival day and has since transformed the heart of the iconic suburb into a curated trail of projection and arts until Sunday 15 October.

Developed by the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre and local creatives Esem Projects, Double Take has enlisted over 60 artists to contribute site specific projection art and immersive experiences.

From dusk until 10pm every night, spy the suburb in a different light with projections including Double Circus by Esem Projects a homage to the Wimbo Park Circus which was permanently housed on Bourke Street in the early 1900’s.  She Swallowed The Sky, an animation written and illustrated by Askiew follows a female character who is walking the city alone.  “Action research performer”, Astra Howard, presents Village Voices in the form of varied art interventions, watch and hear stories by locals, write your own or contemplate your favourite neighbourhood.

See your brain’s neuronal activity using an EEG headset, and move objects with your thoughts at Mindz Brainplay. Kitten Wall invites audiences to join in creating an enormous wall of colourful cats.  Award-winning performer Vashti Hughes will present a hilarious pop up re-enactment of Kate Leigh and her notorious cronies for Mum’s In (the password to her sly grog establishment was “is mum in?”).  Make your mark on Play Street, a wild and fictitious Surry Hills where you can paint and rearrange terrace houses, street lights, bikes, trees, clouds and more in the form of an ever-changing diorama.  Investigate our global cyber world in contrast to the need for human interactions generating meaning and community connection The Binary Operators by Barbara Doran.

Explore local creative spaces, meet the locals, curators and artists behind Double Take on three guided sunset tours hosted by Culture Scouts on Thursday 28 September, Thursday 5 October and Thursday 12 October from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

To download the full Double Take program, visit:

Surry Hills Festival announces music line up!

August 3, 2017 12:01 pmby



With a reputation for showcasing a wide range of Sydney’s most outstanding acts, today Surry Hills Festival announces its 2017 music line up. Joining the festival on 23 September is Sydney’s soultronica singer-songwriter Thandi Phoenix, hip hop duo Coda Conduct, indie folkster Joe Mungovan, psychedelic gypsy rock band Ungus Ungus Ungus, the red hot soul sounds of The Fever Pitch with the fun sounds of Borneo and Dweeb City rounding out the main stage line up. Jay Katz returns as the MC DJ for the main music stage in Ward Park. The ever popular AIM Pop up stage will be hosted at Shannon Reserve this year.

Spread across Ward Park, Devonshire Street, Shannon Reserve, Crown Street, laneways, pop up spaces, local venues, creative spaces and everything in between – Surry Hills Festival invites everyone to be immersed in the creativity that the locals celebrate 365 days a year.

This year’s program introduces Double Take which will be launched with one amazing day and night time celebration as part of Surry Hills Festival. Local creatives, Esem Projects, are working with selected artists to overlay Devonshire Street and surrounds with a curated trail of projection and pop up installations transforming the heart of Surry Hills into a network of spontaneous art and discovery. Double Take will run three weeks from Surry Hills Festival on Saturday 23 September to Sunday 15 October 2017.

Also announced is the The Most Amazing Devonshire Tea Party, Ever! Inspired by legendary local artist Martin Sharp and all the notorious characters of Surry Hills, everyone’s invited to join in creating a bold immersive installation. Developed in months leading up to the festival at community workshops it will be launched on festival day and remain in place for three weeks as part of Double Take. Join free workshops every Saturday at Shannon Reserve (10am – 2pm) and at Surry Hills Markets on 5 August and 2 September. Visit the website for the full workshop program.

Surry Hills Festival, a FREE family-friendly day, will be packed with the trademark live music line-up, plus free tours, pop up spaces, nooks and crannies bursting with performance, local narratives, food and art – an engaging showcase of what makes Surry Hills the heart of Sydney’s innovative creative district. Join the 60,000 expected Sydneysiders for the unofficial welcoming of spring.

All funds raised on the day go to community programs presented by Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre.


SAT, 23rd SEPTEMBER 2017, 10AM – 10PM


Festival Partners

Pom Pom workshops are back!

June 7, 2017 12:11 pmby

On Saturday June 3 we held the first community pom pom making workshop in Shannon Reserve at Surry Hills Market. Great success! A little early rain ☔️ but as soon as we poured the colorful wool out – the kids in the playing ground all ran to it! Kids were helping each other and mums got in there helping the little ones!

We thank all the participants for joining in and donating the pom poms for the big soft sculptures we will be making for the spectacular community showcase at Surry Hills Festival on 23 September – big red hearts ♥️, big yellow diamonds , big blue clubs ♣️, and big aquamarine spades ♠️ .

The colorful Popping Pom Poms adorned the parks and streets of Surry Hills at Surry Hills Festival 2016. This year we continue with this well-loved and fun project, and will create a very special Alice in Wonderland inspired pom pom installation. Keep an eye out for the Surry Hills Festival updates on our Facebook page and join in the fun every first Saturday of the month at Surry Hills Markets.

Dance through the Divide

May 18, 2017 12:54 pmby

Over the last few weeks Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre (SHNC) has been hosting an exciting dance pilot program with Seet Dance and Mums 4 Refugees

Refugee and asylum seeker children are joining forces with Aussie kids learning Hip Hop dance moves from Sydney’s most skilled street dancers. The pilot program supported by SHNC is already proving to be a success with smiles abounding from the kids involved. 

“Dance through the Divide is a pilot project to bring children together through dance,” said Sara Lubowitz, vice chairperson of the SHNC. “Children, wherever they come from and whatever life events they have been through previously, can relate to each other through dance”. Sara is also a member of Mums 4 Refugees, an organization who have been consultants for the project on a volunteer basis. 

The nine kids are already developing friendships with each other as well as honing their skills at Popping, with internationally known street dancer Jack Wardana, aka Poppin’ Jack. The next teacher on the schedule is Adam Warburton who is an amazing dancer specialising in House. The street dance teachers were introduced to the idea of working with refugee children by Catherine Cassimatis. 

“The first lesson started slow, all the kids were shy. But it only took 10 minutes into the lesson for the kids to start interacting with the teacher and each other”, said Sara. “And by the second lesson the noise level had increased with laughter and joy…We hope that this will be the beginning of a project that can be broadened across Sydney and hopefully beyond”.

The Dance through the Divide program is being overseen by choreographer Charemaine Seet, the founder of Seet Dance contemporary dance school. “Dance is the universal language. Kids big and small, from all over the world can recognize Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk”. It’s the perfect way for people from completely different circumstances and backgrounds to find common ground”, said Charemaine. 

SHNC thanks Michael Crewdson from SEET Dance for writing this news post.

Surry Hills Festival returns with Spring!

May 1, 2017 12:54 pmby

In it’s 15th year, Surry Hills Festival announces Saturday 23rd September as the date for Sydney most loved inner city celebration. 2017 continues to celebrate all there is to love about the iconic suburb, highlighting and exploring the area’s history, colourful culture, diversity and community spirit the suburb is hailed for. All funds raised on the day go to community programs presented by Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre.

This year’s line up will see a new evening hub hosted at Ward Park and surrounds. Applications are now open for bands, artists and vendors to get involved. Applications close 9th June 2017. Apply here.

Video makers, artists and performers are invited to apply for Double Take. Selected artists will work with curators, Esem Projects, to overlay Devonshire Street and surrounds with a curated trail of projection and pop up installations transforming the heart of Surry Hills into a network of spontaneous art and discovery. Turn the everyday into something curious, revisit the past in a new light, or reveal the playful side of city life. Double Take will run over three weeks from the Surry Hills Festival on Saturday 23 September, until 15 October 2017. Apply here.

Culture pioneers, Culture Scouts, have joined the festival line up to create a program of special tours exploring the history, creative hot spots and delicious food corners of Surry Hills. There will be two tours in the lead up to the festival, tours on festival day, and three sunset tours during the extended Double Take period. To celebrate, the festival is offering the chance to join the first VIP “taster tour” exploring Devonshire Street and surrounds on 12 May, 10am – 12pm. Enter here.

Join in long lead preparations for the festival with creative workshops being held at the Surry Hills Markets, on the first Saturday of each month. Head down to Shannon Reserve on 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 5th August or 2nd September to enjoy freshly baked scones at the Community Café and take part in creating fantastic bold public art installations that will line the streets on Surry Hills Festival day and beyond.

Surry Hills Festival, a FREE family-friendly day, will be packed with the trademark live music line-up, plus pop up spaces, nooks and crannies bursting with performance, local narratives, food and art – an engaging showcase of what makes Surry Hills the heart of Sydney’s innovative creative district. Join the 60,000 expected Sydneysiders for the unofficial welcoming of spring!

Change to SHNC Constitution accepted

March 24, 2017 12:52 pmby

On Tuesday March 21 the Special General Meeting was held at SHNC in order to vote on a proposed change to the SHNC Constitution – to increase the number of the governing board from 8 to 9.

The Governance Committee has carefully considered the need to change the Constitution. After extensive conversation, the Governance Committee is sure an additional committee member will enable a more comprehensive range of ideas and enable a more informed and considered decision making process.

The motion was passed, and a new member joined the board. We welcome Tony MacMahon to the SHNC Governance Committee and are looking forward to working together!

The Happiness Lab

March 20, 2017 11:58 amby

On Thursday March 16 we had the last session of the very first Happiness Lab run in Sydney. It is a little sad to come to an end of such a wonderful project, but at the same time we are very encouraged and inspired by the community response to this innovative program and the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The Lab consisted of six sessions where the participants explored topics relating to happiness and thriving, such as gratitude, kindness, resilience and others, and watched videos where these topics were discussed by scientists, doctors, psychologists and spiritual leaders. However the main intention of the course was not discussion only but encouraging participants to intentionally practice these principles in their lives.

Participants from varied cultural and social backgrounds took part in the Lab. It was wonderful to meet new people from our local community and enjoy rich stimulating discussions. We hope that new friendships built during the Lab will thrive and strentgthen our local community.

Big thank you to Karina Kreminski, one of the SHNC’s Governance Committee members, for initiating and facilitating the Lab!

Another installment of the Happiness lab will run in October. You can find out more about the project and stay in touch here – The Happiness Lab Facebook page.

Seniors Week Brunch

March 15, 2017 11:27 amby

On Friday March 10 Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre (SHNC) together with Surry Hills Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) and Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) held a special brunch to celebrate the NSW Seniors’ Week.

We want to thank all our guests for joining and sharing this day with us! Our particular thanks goes to the speakers who took time to share their expertise and knowledge with the community. Norma Nicolas from Mission Australia spoke about problem gambling and support services available for people whose lives are negatively affected by it. Russ Gluyas from ACON Health spoke about the Love Project which aims to empower LGBTI seniors to lead active healthy and social lives.

FotorCreated seniors

Special General Meeting

March 1, 2017 11:36 amby

Notice for SHNC Members

Special General Meeting called for 21 March 2017

Proposed changes to the Constitution  

The Governance Committee is proposing a change to SHNC’s Constitution and is calling a Special General Meeting of its members to vote on the proposed change. The suggested change allows for one additional committee member bringing the total number of committee members to nine.

Why Change?

The Governance Committee has carefully considered the need to change the Constitution. After extensive conversation the Governance Committee is sure an additional committee member will enable a more comprehensive range of ideas and enable a more informed and considered decision making process.


That the members of Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre agree to updating the Constitution as follows:

14 .2 – The total number of committee members be changed from 8 to 9.

The current constitution is attached to this post for your information – SHNC Constitution

Date of Special General meeting

The Special General meeting will be held on Tuesday 21 March at 6pm at Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre.

RSVP for SHNC members – by close of business Friday 17 March.

Welcome 2017!

January 3, 2017 1:31 pmby

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre wishes everyone a happy new year!

We at SHNC are glad to come back from holidays and again open our doors to the community. We have many events and activities planned for this year. Our regular programs and classes will re-start from Monday January 30. From February we have a new community course starting – The Happiness Lab, where participants will explore and discuss what it means to be a person who thrives. On Friday February 17 One Billion Rising will once again shake up our suburb with its electrifying dance and call to stop gender violence – get your dancing shoes and activist hats on!

Meanwhile Surry Hills Market will be open this Saturday January 7, and then every first Saturday of the month. A very elegant cart serving boutique coffee and polish donuts will be stopping by this Saturday, so make sure not to miss it!

Happy New Year to all once again, and let’s make 2017 a great year!

Christmas Party 2016

December 19, 2016 1:38 pmby
On Friday December 13 SHNC had the annual fun loud merry and delicious Christmas Party!
Thank you to all our wonderful friends and neighbours for coming and sharing this day with us, and thank you to Dorreen Manganini for making this occasion so fabulous!
SHNC wishes everyone a happy festive season! 🙂

ASK ME – help improve social housing!

December 5, 2016 4:06 pmby

The Northcott Estate Collaboration Project   (ASK ME!)  is about you, the community, who live, work and pass through the neighbourhood of Clisdell, Devonshire, Northcott, and The Pottery neighbourhood.

We want to hear from everyone, including those actively involved in the community to people whom may not have voiced their aspirations for a better social housing experience and for the community as a whole.

Your answers will help shape the way forward to improve social housing experience and community life.

Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary. All questions are optional, and your responses will be completely confidential.  Providing your address is optional and only requested to make sure that we are engaging local residents to give their view.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact

Martin Clark at The Pottery office on 9319-9322.

Fill in questionnaire here: ask-me

Questionnaire in other languages (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian) – ask-me-community

Surry Hills Festival 2016

October 10, 2016 12:26 pmby

Surry Hills Festival 2016 was a colorful beautiful celebration of all there is to love about Surry Hills.

We thank all the musicians, artists, vendors, businesses, volunteers and community members for giving their support and energy to the Festival and making this day so special!

Here is a small snippet of the festivities going on the day, and you can see all Festival photos on our Facebook page –
Surry Hills Festival