Become a Member


Interested members of the community can become a member of the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre. The benefits or membership are knowing that there’s a place where you can have a say, and it feels good to be able to contribute, even a little, to the local Surry Hills community – your community.


Anyone can become a member but we prefer our base to made up of people who live or work in Surry Hills. The joining fee is $1, and there is an annual membership renewal fee of $1. All you need to do is fill in the  Membership Application.


Volunteers are encouraged to become members as well. To maintain membership, you have to be active and pay your annual fee. All members are regarded as volunteers.


Interested members may nominate for the SHNC’s Governance Committee (GC). You will need to be nominated for the GC at an Annual General Meeting. If there are too many nominations, there may be a ballot, but this is rare. Vacancies in the GC can be filled at any time. Make your interests known!


The GC consists of 4 office bearers and 4 others. The GC requires people who are prepared to contribute their skills and time to the management and strategic planning of the SHNC. The GC meets once a month, but members need to be available to do some work outside of these meetings. More information on the Governance Committee here – Governance Committee.