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Meet Addison and Gavin from Crown Street Vintage!

December 18, 2017 11:59 amby

Meet Addison and Gavin from Crown Street Vintage, one of Surry Hills Markets oldest running stalls.


Tell us a bit about how Crown St Vintage began…

Addison: I began it in 1999, then I met Gavin 8 years ago –

Gavin: 2010, I think. Addison’s been doing this for 15 years, he did fashion design as well.

A: I love fashion, I love clothes. But fashion design wasn’t for me.

G: We became partners and then a few years later I join him in this business.

How did you two meet?

A: We met here (at Surry Hills Markets).

G: I met Addison in 2012 as a customer.

A: You bought a jacket.

G: I bought a 1980’s bomber jacket that was too small for me. It was really just an excuse to talk to Addison. I was with my friend, she bought a pair of boots. We both were interested in him and not sure which way he was batting.

A: Then we joined forces.

G: We joined forces and I went on to do fashion design as well.

He wooed you away from the corporate world into vintage fashion?

G: Yeah, he did – and the desire to have something that was ours together. There are sacrifices, but it’s worth it to not be sitting behind a desk every day.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

G: We have a love affair with bright and bold vintage patterns. We love our forgotten Australian designers from the 1960’s-80’s – Jenny Key, Prue Acton, etc – and forgotten Aussie labels like Walter Christensen. We are drawn to colourful prints and patterns that are still very wearable in a contemporary setting. It’s what we look for the most.

A: Colour and pattern.

How do you find your pieces?

A: Without giving too much away…

G: A lot of it finds us. Everything we source is hand picked.

A: I’m sitting on a huge stockpile after being a hoarder for so many years.

G: It comes to us on our travels, through private sales or at other markets. We try to find quality Australian vintage, made here in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. And we can’t pass up a good designer label.

We also have an etsy store full of the more high end designer labels. It’s a different market online, people want different things.

Do you have a favorite find?

G: Absolutely. That Ozzie Clark Jumpsuit –

A: I found it in a dress up box for $1. Ozzie Clark is a designer from the 70’s.

G: It’s what lots of celebrities are wearing on the red carpet at the moment – vintage Ozzie Clark.

A: It’s worth about $1000 now.


Next Surry Hills Market is Saturday January 6 – drop by and meet Addison and Gavin and many other amazing stallholders!


SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for doing the interview with Addison and Gavin and taking their photo.