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Meet Bjorn of Maker & Collector

February 28, 2019 4:21 pmby

Today we are talking to Bjorn from Maker & Collector 

Tell us a little bit about your stall.

Bjorn: I’m a furniture maker, making furniture from recycled timber, and my wife is a collector. We’re a husband and wife team.

How did it start?

Bjorn: I worked for a furniture company for three and a half years and then I thought, we can do this on our own. We started in a workshop and after 2 years opened our first store in Bayveiw, and another three years after that. My wife does vintage and collectible things that are in the shop also.

What’s the ethos of Maker and Collector? What inspires you?

Bjorn: For us sustainability is so important – so we only use recycled materials. It could be steel or it could be timber, but it needs to be sustainable. And my wife collects things, things she loves.

What do you love about this?

Bjorn: It’s getting to make things, doing something that you love, and people pay you money for that – it’s a great way to live.

Has anything monumental happened?

Bjorn: In 6 years of doing markets we call each other when we’re on the way home, and one will always jokingly ask the other ‘Did you sell everything?’ and the other will joke back ‘Yeah, yeah, I sold the whole stall’. But one time it was true! We sold the entire stall to one person. A man came by, he was opening up a psychology practice, and he said ‘I want every item’. So one time in our history we’ve sold out the entire stall.

Anything else you wan to tell us about?

If anyone wants to visit us, we have a shop in General Antiques on the northern beaches. We can do custom pieces, my designs or your designs – all from sustainable materials.

Find Bjorn’s unique pieces on Instagram @makerandcollector

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for interviewing Bjorn and taking the photo of his beautiful stall.