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Meet the Cooks – Market stallholders since 1983!

November 27, 2017 11:54 amby

Meet the Cooks – the family that has been running a market stall at Surry Hills Markets since 1983.

Jemima and Alice talk to us about what makes one of our longest running stalls such a happy place to visit.

How did this stall begin?

Jemima: Cleaning out the house. It just developed from there…

Alice: And because we’re a family of hoarders and collectors – it keeps going.

You sell an amazing collection of antiques and vintage clothing – how do you find things?

A: Garage sales, definitely garage sales. The ones that are in small towns – not the city garage sales.

Can you remember a special find, something you couldn’t believe was in someone junk pile?

A: For me it’s more often when we’re unpacking to set up the stall for the markets and I’ll see something I haven’t seen for ages and fall in love and have to keep it.

Is it mostly your personal taste determining what you’ll collect?

A: Pretty much. The whole family has an eye for vintage over new things – we grew up in op shops and second hand stores so everyone has great taste for unusual and interesting things.

What’s the best part of this being such a family business?

J: I get to hang out with my children every month.

A: I get to hang out with mum.

J: It’s very social for us.

A: We have lots of family friends who love to come visit us while we’re here.

J: Because we live out of town we don’t see people that often, so this becomes the chance to catch up. And then there is the market family, friends who come back every month. Some people we see here have become lifelong friends. It’s really been a key part of our family for many years.

Is that the best part of being involved in Surry Hills Markets?

J: Definitely. It’s the connection, that special family connection.

Is the honey you sell part of that?

J: The honey has been a really important part – it supplies Surry Hills, all these friends with honey. We had our first honey stall at Surry Hills Markets in 1983.

A: Selling honey and vintage things –

J: – and marmalade made with the honey, that was a huge thing.

A: Dad is the bee keeper and collects the honey, mum makes the marmalade, and I take the wax and make the candles.

J: It’s a real family thing.

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for doing the interview with the lovely Cooks family and taking their photo.