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Meet Mitch – a market stallholder and florist in Merchant & Green

November 1, 2018 12:32 pmby

Today we’re talking to Mitch from Merchant & Green

Tell us about Merchant & Green

Merchant & Green was started just over a year ago by Chris – he’s been in the the floristry industry for over 25 years in flowers and events. I came on board with him about 6 moths ago.

What’s the concept behind Merchant & Green?

We have a shop on Bourke St open 7 days a week focusing on plants, flowers and events as well. We also have workshops in things like terrariums, flower arranging, flower crown making, which we run on weekends and privately during the week.

What excites you about working in flowers?

It’s always changing, you always work with the seasons. And no job is ever the same, you’re working with people’s tastes so it always changes. It’s really rewarding as well.

What’s rewarding about it?

Working with people, with their birthdays, weddings, adding to that event. When people come to you for flowers it’s always for a special occasion and it’s rewarding getting to be part of that.

How has today gone for you?

It’s been really good. Really nice chatting to the people here, seeing their appreciation of flowers and seeing old faces who come into the shop.  And it’s also really cool seeing what else is going on here with the other stalls.

What’s your favorite flower?

It’a always changing but one of my all time favorites would have to be the tuba rose – which really doesn’t look like a rose, so you should google it.

How did you get into this?

I used to work in hospitality doing lots of functions and seeing the flower arrangements there, and I wanted to do something more creative. So about 6 years ago I went to study floristry, first at Ultimo TAFE, then finishing my degree in Melbourne. I’m also a morning person so doing the 5am flower market run is much nicer than working bars at night.

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for interviewing Mitch and taking the photo of their beautiful stall.