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One Million Stars

March 30, 2016 3:55 pmby

We at Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre love art projects. We love seeing people painting, learning, creating something together – it is fun and inspiring and allows for connections and friendships to develop. Last year we did screen printing with artworks depicting iconic figures and tales of Surry Hills. The year before that we made hundreds of mills that represented the ever changing and moving nature of our suburb. This year we also have something wonderful in store.

A few months ago the participants of the Sewing and Knitting group – who always burst with creative ideas and love all things community- proposed that the group joined the One Million Stars to End Violence project. It was begun in 2012 in Brunswick by Maryann Talia Pau, an artist, designer and practising weaver, as a personal response to the rape and murder of Jill Meagher. Since then the project grew into an international weaving movement which unites communities in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Europe and the USA. The short term goal is to weave a million ribbon stars and to display them at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018. The long-term goals are far more ambitious: unite people, give hope and courage and spread the message of peace.

Weaving stars brought so much joy to the Sewing group, staff and guests of our Centre that it inspired us to take the project to a new level.

One Million Stars to End Violence installation will be a big art feature in our annual Surry Hills Festival in September. Art workshops will be run on market days in the months leading up to the Festival, and everyone will be able to join in, learn the skill and weave the stars. Make sure to check our Facebook page for workshop dates and photos!


“Every woven star reminds us that we have to MAKE peace and safe spaces and that it doesn’t just happen. Every star is a commitment to resist violence and revenge, to believe in forgiveness and healing.

Ending violence is OUR responsibility, not one person, not one organisation or leader. Us. Everyone is welcome. Everyone matters.

With light & love

Maryann x” (Founder of the One Million Stars to End Violence project)