Let’s chat – Pretty Frocking Vintage!

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This month we are talking to Janine, one half of the sisters team behind Pretty Frocking Vintage.

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How did Pretty Frocking Vintage begin?

Janine: We’ve been operating for about a year. We both found ourselves out of full time work at the same time and both decided this was a good idea.

You’re a sisters team – how does that reflect in your taste and shop style?

Janine: I think the shop was an extension of our wardrobes. And our love of searching for vintage fun things.

Tell us about some great finds that have come into your collection – 

Janine: I do love that pretty quickly after starting Pretty Frocking Vintage we were getting approached by women who had stuff left over form their mothers or grandmothers, that they’d from women in the 1920’s and that they’d offer to us to sell. Things that were almost 100 years old and had just been sitting in attics and cupboards. I do love when something’s been sitting in storage and gets to become our and be passed onto new owners to have a new life – that’s so special.

What excites you most about this job?

Janine: I actually really love to watch other people get excited about things that I’ve found and thought were amazing. And I love that people are getting excited about second hand fashion – the reuse, recycle movement, that’s never been more important. We also try to source natural fibers and good quality pieces that will last. And we do that affordably. Our thing is recycled fashion shouldn’t cost you the world.

I also love that there are no rules in recycled fashion, guy will look at the girls shirts and girls will get excited over guys shirts – if it looks good then go for gold!