What we do

Our purpose is to build a strong and inclusive community in Surry Hills – it has been since 1978. Our dedicated team is here to provide a safe, healthy and caring environment where people can connect, access support, learn new things, and give to others. Everything we do is driven by respect and social justice and is a celebration of equality and diversity.


In the world as it is today, children give us a priceless gift – they remind us that wonderful things are everywhere! You and your child have an exciting journey ahead, and at our Centre we are grateful to be part of this journey.


Combining love for old-world values with the exciting principles of modern day education, we aim to inspire the children in our care to be creative and to enjoy discovery and learning.


Provided by the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre – proudly serving the community for over 40 years.

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Computer Class

Whether you’d like to improve your skills or need to learn from scratch, our computer course covers the basics of email, Facebook, Word, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office programs. Enrolments on hold due to COVID-19.

English Class

Improve your conversation skills – and gain confidence while you’re at it – with our English classes. Everyone is welcome (no visas required).

Tai Chi

All members of the community are welcome to join our Tai Chi class. Our teacher has extensive experience, including with students who’ve never tried it before!


Vintage fashion, valuable antiques, books, hand-made beauty products and designer labels – our markets have it all. Head in during rain or shine to pick up new and pre-loved goods from more than sixty stalls. It’s the perfect place to find gifts (for both you and others).

Next Market: To be confirm


News & Information

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This pie is a fun “crowd pleaser” to share with loved ones… it’s also versatile as a midday snack or evening dessert… and it has a festive peppermint kick that makes it perfect for the holidays. Here’s the recipe in all its glory:

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We are delighted to announce the 2021 Annual General Meeting. We will be hosting a hybrid meeting, which means if you are unable to attend at the Centre you can join us via a Zoom link. Please RSVP to Sally Ringrose admin@shnc.org

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This is a great spring lockdown salad. You’ll feel like you’re out for lunch at your favourite harbourside restaurant. If you’re struggling to get hold of duck, you could use chicken. I found the black Chinese, vinegar at my local Asian Grocer, Quing Xiang Yong!...

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Become a Volunteer

The Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre wouldn’t be half of what it is without our wonderful volunteers and members. While we receive some government funding and support, these resources don’t cover all the important services we offer. Become a volunteer and make a positive impact on your local community – and reap benefits and gain fulfilment from being active and socially engaged, too!