Stall Holder – Jacqui and Roger from Collektor

Today we’re talking to Jacqui and Roger from Collektor.  

What is Collektor? What do you sell?

Roger: We like recycled and vintage clothe and bric-a-brac

Jacqui: Handpicked styling – there’s always a design element, we like good prints and bold modernist jewellery. We’re focused on the 1960’s -2000’s. And we’ve recently been getting back into homewares which I’m really enjoying. But it’s getting harder and harder to find good homewares, that’s for sure.

How did Collektor come to be?

J: We’ve been in the vintage game for a long time – we ran a shop in Leura called Mrs Peel for 16 years, which we closed mid last year. We used to do new and vintage but we wanted to just focus on the recycled and vintage, and didn’t want a bricks and mortar shop.

What draws you to Vintage?

J: I love its uniqueness, its quality, that you get something you won’t see anywhere else.

R: And the Sustainability

J: We’re not fans of fast fashion, so something you can pass on is key.

R: I love that we’re not dealing in new clothes anymore – not dealing in plastic, so sustainability is important. And it’s affordable – I buy a lot of recycled clothing for myself. Nothing beats the excitement of finding something that a bit special – that you’ve never seen before and knowing you discovered it and can pass it on.

Have you found anything particularly special for yourself?

R: We had an accumulation of candle sticks based on atomic structures and one day I found the base for it that brings all the candle sticks together. It looked just like a random base piece, no one else would have guessed what it was but I knew because I had the other pieces. So I was able to take it home and put it together and it became this amazing molecular structure tree.

J: One that stays in my mind is one time I went to Los Angeles, and I’d timed my trip to line up with a famous monthly flea market/swap meet. There I found a pair of 70’s Charles Jourdan sneakers – and designer things weren’t really in yet so they were affordable and in my size and I wore them to death. They’re long gone but I still think about them.

Etsy: collektorco