World Aids Day at Surry Hills Market

Tuesday 1st December (World AIDS Day ) we remember all those that have been lost to this virus.

We celebrate all that has been achieved and we look towards a future that is HIV free.

No one is left behind.


Surry Hills Markets Mothers & Daughters

Surry Hills Markets has always been great for the whole family, with stalls full of treasure for all ages and plenty of sunny lawn and play equipment. But many people don’t realize just how deep the family connection goes. Not only are the markets run by a close family team, this month the mother daughter element was stronger than ever – with at least six stalls run through mother daughter collaboration and half a dozen others where mum/daughters stopped by throughout the day to offer support. There is also a number of stalls run by siblings, partners, best friends and fur baby parents – because families of all shapes are always welcome in Surry Hills.


The SHNC AGM 2020

The Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre Board has confirmed that the SHNC AGM will take place on Tuesday 24 November 2020 at 6pm in the Enid Cook Room at 405 Crown St. This year we are hosting a hybrid meeting which means you may attend in person for a socially distance – COVID safer meeting or join us via Zoom.


Surry Hills Public Art Project 2020

Stroll past the Dove and Olive or the Shakespeare Hotel and you’ll catch a glimpse of two new public art installations, brought to you by the Surry Hills Creative Precinct.


Naidoc teaching guides

NAIDOC 2020 is just under a month away in November.

As you know it has been moved this year from July due to the current situation of COVID-19.

It’s especially important in these times we live, that we still continue as much as possible our culture, traditions, celebrations and coming together as a community.


Community Recognition Statement

We are thrilled and very touched to receive the Community Recognition Statement and certificate from the Legislative Assembly.

A special thank you to Alex Greenwich for commending us the NSW Parliament to have been recognised for our response to COVID-19 has given a significant and much needed boost to the morale of our staff and volunteers.


Call Out for Recipe Video Making Team

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre has recently launched its own You Tube Channel where we upload our community recipe videos. This is a call out to community members who have skills filming these simple movies and editing movies using iMovie.


Roast Beetroot, Asparagus & Feta Salad

Beets are an underrated vegetable. If you think you don’t like them, try them in this recipe. Roasting brings out the beets’ natural sweetness, and the feta offers a nice, salty contrast.

With a great combination of carbohydrates from beetroot, this salad is perfect to combine with a chicken breast fillet! Making lunch at home or work easy and healthy!