After School Care


Crown Street Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) is a vibrant and inclusive program run onsite at Crown Street Public School.


The OSHC service employs an appropriately qualified Co-ordinator and Child Educators to provide daily care for children. The aim of the service is to assist families by the provision of OSHC in a safe, inclusive and friendly environment.


This service is for students from Crown Street Public School only. 


Students from other schools, including secondary schools, are not eligible to attend the Crown St OSHC, with the exception of Vacation Care. Vacation Care is open to ALL children.



  • To provide out-of-school hours service to all children in the school, inclusive of all abilities, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, family incomes.
  • To provide a safe and happy environment for children, thus enabling parents to pursue work, study and other activities.
  • To provide children with a range of activities and experiences that will assist their emotional, social, physical & creative development.
  • To create a warm, fair and friendly environment for children, parents/carers and staff.


Where: Crown Street Public School, 356 Crown Street, Surry Hills


Hours of Operation:

  • 07.00am to 9.00am Monday to Friday (Before School Care)
  • 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday (After School Care )
  • 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Vacation Care (operational days between  Mon-Fri only)


Daily Fees:

Before School Care – 2020 $16.00 per session

After School care – 2020 $22.00 per session

One off registration fee for new families $25.00 at time of enrolmentVacation CareCosts advised upon release of program


Children will be provided with nutritional snacks when attending OSHC.

Our menus may include sandwiches, crackers, vegetable sticks, pizza, pasta, noodles, muffins, yogurt, fruit and water.  On hot days fruit based ice-blocks may be provided.

OSHC Program

The OSHC Program is designed to provide a range of age appropriate indoor and outdoor activities that are safe, fun and stimulating.   Activities include art and craft, cooking, play, games, homework and sports. While children are given a choice of, and encouragement to participate in the range of activities offered, activities are not mandatory.


Our general program includes activities such as

  • Art& craft
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Long term, interest based projects
  • Music and movement
  • Cooking
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Respect, inclusion and community involvement
  • Individual and group based activities
  • Free play
  • Visiting performers/educational programs
  • Breakfast and afternoon tea


We also provide special programs such as our innovative swim school program, Kung Fu and work with our local library to deliver amazing opportunities in coding and robotics.


Vacancies and Enquiries:  There are limited vacancies due to high demand. Please contact the Co-ordinator for all correspondence, bookings and enquiries as follows:

Preferred method of communication is email.

Enrolment: Please complete the SHNC Enrolment Form Crown Street OSHC and email to the address above.


Please note: If you want your children to be picked up by someone other than yourself, you need to give us written, signed and dated authorisation showing the name of the person picking up your child.


Payment Procedure: 

  • As SHNC is a not-for-profit organisation fee payments are required to ensure the continued operation of the OSHC service.
  • SHNC debits 2 weeks in advance of attendance
  • Payments can be made by REDPAY DIRECT DEBIT ONLY.


Childcare Benefits


A Childcare Benefit (CCB) is available to qualifying families to reduce the cost of OSHC fees. Application should be made to the Families Assistance Office by telephoning 13 61 50.


The Child Care Benefit (CCB) system is a policy of the Federal Government to provide a subsidy (rebate) for the costs to parents of child care.  The CCB is administered by the Family Assistance Office (FAO), which is a part of Centrelink.  The Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (DFACS) is responsible for the FAO and federal government policy in the child care area. Contact the FAO on 13 61 50 (8am – 8pm) or The TTY service for those with hearing or speech impediment is 1800 810 586 and use 13 12 02 for information in languages other than English.


Fees have been determined to allow the SHNC to run a quality service. A survey of other centres shows that SHNC fees are at the low end of the range for fees charged. The amount that parents/carers will actually pay is determined by the CCB rebate rate that the FAO allocates to you: this rate is determined after assessment of your annual income.


Please note that your childcare benefit or childcare rebate can only be activated by advising the child and parent/carer customer reference numbers advised by the Families Assistance Office. SHNC can not apply for any rebate on your behalf without this information. It is your responsibility to make sure these details are advised and correct.

Administrative Requirements

  • If you apply for fee reduction under the CCB, you need to complete an FAO form “Claim for Child Care Benefit to reduce your fees“.  (This claim form is available from Medicare offices, Centrelink Customer Service Centres and ATO access sites.) The FAO will then issue a reference number for your child.
  • Parents may choose to pay full fees at the Child Care service, and claim the CCB as a lump sum in their annual tax return. In this case, the form “Request for Customer Reference Number” must still be completed and submitted to the Families Assistance Office.