Wellness Programs


Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre is proud of our community cooking and wellness programs. We deliver fun, inclusive and educational classes that allow participants to practice their skills in planning and preparing healthy meals, and also to learn about wellness and healthy diet from nutritionists and other professionals.


Over the years we have worked with youth and older people, people living with HIV and women fleeing DFV, young parents and people training for hospitality industry, and many more!


To increase the outcomes and effectiveness of the programs, we currently run them by referral only. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to admin@shnc.org and we will advise you the availability.


Our most popular programs are: 


Women’s wellness program: Self-defence, Nutrition and Mindfulness


Eat Well Live Well, in partnership with Bobby Goldsmith Foundation – a wellness program for people living with HIV 


The Kitchen Table Project, in partnership with Surry Hills Community Drug Action Team – a wellness program for young people at risk of harmful use of alcohol and other drugs


Young Parents Program, in partnership with Oasis Youth Support Network – a cooking program for young parents and their children