Wellness Programs


You are welcome to take part in our community cooking and wellness programs, run by nutritionists and other wellness professionals. Whether you’re young or elderly, healthy or a little out of shape, an expert cook or new to the kitchen, there’s something here for you! These classes are as much fun as they are educational.


Our most popular wellness programs include:


  • Women’s Wellness – self-defence, nutrition and mindfulness
  • Eat Well Live Well – for people living with HIV (in partnership with the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation)
  • The Kitchen Table Project – for young people at risk of harmful use of alcohol and other drugs (in partnership with the Surry Hills Community Drug Action Team)
  • Young Parents Program – cooking for young parents and their children (in partnership with the Oasis Youth Support Network)


If you are interested in joining, please send an email to admin@shnc.org and we will let you know what’s coming up.