Food Security Options in the Community

This document has been prepared by the Community Partnerships Unit, South Eastern Sydney Local District (SESLHD) to support communities within South Eastern Sydney in the COVID-19 setting.

SESLHD and our partners recognise that COVID-19 poses a considerable food security risk to many people especially our vulnerable populations. We also recognise and wish to support local communities helping each other and congratulate the many informal supports being offered within and between communities, as well as formal volunteering and non-government agency led responses. This document has been developed with support from our partner organisations especially all of the local council authorities across South Eastern Sydney.

This reflects the formally organised services and offerings and businesses. This document is intended to be used by support staff and volunteers both within SESLHD as well as all of our partner organisations. It is not intended to list all of the direct food support strategies being put into place by all of our partners.