Lola and Lily from L&L Designs

Today we’re talking to best friends Lola and Lily from L&L Designs – possibly our youngest stall holders ever!

Tell us about your stall:

Lola: So we made everything and some of the money is going to raise money for endangered species.

What are you selling:

Lilly: Everything is handmade, it’s all tops and macramé and pom pom dream catchers and lanterns and designer coat hangers. Every label has a pom pom. All the tshirts are $10. We’ve machine washed them all to check that nothing happens (to the painted design), they’ve all been ironed.

Tell us about the designs;

Lily: Most of the animals on the tee-shirts are endangered.

Lola: Those were the first ones we did, then we started doing dots.

Lily: And the macramé is not really related, it’s just nice macramé designs.

How did it start?

Lola: We were at school and making up what we wanted to do when we were older and I said I wanted to save endangered species. And then we went home and started painting my baby brothers top and them my aunty was over and she said we should start doing that as a business to save animals.

How does this help the animals?

Lola: We’re probably going to give the money to the World Wildlife Foundation

Lily: 10% of each thing we’ll give to them to protect the animals.

Did creating this label together make your friendship stronger?

Lily: We got a lot closer.

Lola: Yeah.

SHNC thanks Alli Sebastian Wolf for interviewing Lily and Lola and taking the photo of their cute stall.