SHNC Community Letter Writing Challenge

Many of our community find themselves home alone amidst this COVID-19 outbreak with time on their hands. What a great opportunity we have to write letters to others brighten their day and let them know someone is thinking about them.

There is something special and intimate about receiving a personal letter in the mail. It’s personal, tactile and something you can pick up and read again and again.

Ideas about who to write to

  • Write to someone who may have never received a personal letter before
  • Write to an old friend or family member you think dearly of and tell them
  • Write to a neighbour who may be isolated and make their day
  • Write to the local hospital thanking them for their service

Letter-Writing Guidelines

  • Consider writing your letter on a nice piece of paper, stationary, or card (if possible avoid notebook paper). 
  • Make a card and decorate it or create your own drawing if you’re not a confident writer
  • Address the letter to them by name (if possible)
  • Here are some ideas on how to start your letter:
  • “I wanted to write you this letter to brighten your day”  
  • “I wanted to write you this note so you know someone is thinking about you!” 
  • “Just wanted to say Hello and tell you I’m thinking of you”
  • “Sending cheerful thoughts to uplift your day”
  • “I hope this letter finds you doing well”
  • Here are some ideas on what you could write about yourself:
  • Tell them about sports you play, an activity you participate in, a trip you went on, your favourite way to spend free time, or your favourite hobby.
  • Consider telling them a specific story from one of these things or what you enjoy about it. 
  • Feel free to add an affirmation. or favourite quote


“Pity” them by saying things like, “It must be rough to be stuck inside”. Keep the letters positive.  Focus on sharing about yourself or well wishes for them. 

Bringing up unresolved issues- in fact it might be wise to write to someone where this is not the case. Remember this is an exercise about acknowledging others.


Encourage the person you are writing to to write to someone else. Let’s try and generate as many letters as we can in our communities

You can do this by writing about it in your letter


Put a copy of this in with your letter.

If you need any guidance around this please contact:

Stephen at Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre
Ph 9356 4977

We can supply paper, envelopes, stamps, a copy of this information sheet

“To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!”
Susan Lendroth